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expatCM 08-06-2008 06:38 AM

Port Forwarding from Router to Client
Ubuntu 7.10 server, 8.04 client.

I seem to have a problem opening ports. I know this since when I test the opened ports with Deluge it tells me that the ports are closed.

The router is a Linksys AG241 v2 with firmware 2.01.03. This has an IP of and is connected to the server on eth0 with an IP of

So the settings on the router are to port forward a range 40000-40010 and use the same range in Deluge, the bit torrent program. Both TCP and UDP are forwarded and the IP address of is used.

Eth0 is managed by shorewall which also manages eth1 which connects to the network. Eth1 uses the IP.

The settings in shorewall are two entries

Action – Source – Destination – Protocol – Source Ports – Destination Ports
Accept - Zone net - Firewall – TCP - Any - 40000 - 40010
Accept – Zone net – Firewall – UDP – Any – 40000 - 40010

In Deluge I have set the ports to use as 40000 – 40010. The performance is very poor and when the ports are tested 40000 is reported to be closed. I downloaded uTorrent and installed that under Wine and that has the same problems.

It is only with bit torrent that there is a problem. All other applications work and work well. Download speeds are very good (for here).

So obviously I have got something wrong. Could someone tell me what that is please.

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