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rcmcghee 01-10-2005 03:42 PM

Please help- Cendyne external serial modem
I just bought an external serial modem so that I can finally get my Linux system on the net. I did a lot of research and have read all over the net that the Cendyne 56k external serial modem works out of the box with Linux. I am running Mandrake 10.1 official w/ KDE.

All lights on the modem flash during the boot sequence.

I opened Hard Drake to see if it would auto detect the modem, during the detection process all of the lights on the modem flashed, but when the list of found hardware came up, the modem was not listed there.

I opened KPPP and selected the modem as /dev/ttyS0 (it is the only one that will make the modem lights flash during a query. When I query the modem it says "modem ready", but when the query results box pops up, all the fields are empty.

So, I tried to connect using KPPP. When I click the connect button, all modem lights flash, it says "modem ready", then "initializing modem" and thats it. It just stays right there on "initializing modem" and does nothing else. It is not freezing because when I click cancel it goes straight back to the main KPPP box.

Can anyone please help me out here? Thank you!

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