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granduke 10-03-2008 12:07 PM

passing internet traffic through a vpn
I want to browse the web from a hotspot through openVPN to my home and use that internet connection.
I've been reading different opinions to do this. Some say only the vpn tunnel is needed, others say a proxy is also needed, and still others say a tunnel and ip forwarding will do it.

Which is it?

rossonieri#1 10-03-2008 02:52 PM

hi granduke,

well - all of those methods works. if your home gateway does have a proxy/firewall then you need to allow your remote connection to the internet via the tunnel. if you dont have it, then a basic tunnel will do.

but, this is a bit complicated.
since you already have a default gateway from the hotspot - you need to make a route preference (route with lower metric), or to route tcp 80 through the tunnel. create a PBR (policy-based routing) from remote machine to internet (0/0 tcp 80) via tunnel.

and that is why some suggest you to use a proxy so you dont have to create PBR - a lot easier - just put your home proxy address in the browser and let the tunnel deliver your request.


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