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Dewar 01-21-2005 03:22 PM

OpenVPN Bridged Connection. Linux Server to Windows XP
I have managed to set up a routed connection between two Linux firewalls using OpenVPN in the past, but now I have a more difficult problem. I have used the bridging FAQ at ( ) to get part of the way, but my topology is a bit different than the one displayed there. Here is what I've got....

Single Windows XP Remote
(External IP: DHCP)

connecting to

Linux Server
(External IP:
(Internal IP:

I think I've got a pretty good grasp on how to set up the linux server (scripts are attached) but I'm not sure exactly what to do on the windows end since the XP machine only has one IP (it's external ip) instead of two like the examples given.

Here's the script on the Linux machine (firewall rules have been omitted,) please correct it if I've done anything wrong, and advise exactly how to setup the OpenVPN on the XP remote.


/sbin/modprobe tun
/sbin/modprobe bridge

/usr/sbin/openvpn --mktun --dev tap0

/usr/sbin/brctl addbr br0
/usr/sbin/brctl addif br0 tap0
/usr/sbin/brctl addif br0 eth1

/sbin/ifconfig tap0 promisc up
/sbin/ifconfig eth1 promisc up

/sbin/ifconfig br0 netmask broadcast

/usr/sbin/openvpn --tun-mtu 1500 --tun-mtu-extra 64 --dev tap0 \
                  --secret /home/dharwell/openvpn-1.6.0/key \
                  --ping 40  --float --comp-lzo --daemon --port 6000

Thanks in Advance

PS: Note, this connection must be bridged so that windows networking works properly.

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