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dunmarie 11-06-2003 12:46 PM

I need some help with OpenVPN. :D

I do have one VPN running with the following details:
Subnet 1 = VPN IP = 10.x.x.x
Subnet 2 = VPN IP = 10.x.x.x

Now I want to setup a second and third VPN for laptops going out of the office.
The main idea is not to have to change your IP while out of the office.

Now, setting up the VPN is not the difficult part. Doing the routing is though.
The question thus is, how do you setup the routing for the following: (fake ip's used)
Laptop =
VPN IP on Laptop =
VPN IP on network =
Network =

The VPN server is running RH 9 and the Laptop is using Windows.
Since my first VPN is running "tun" I can't use "tap" in this instance.
Refer to

So, the tunnel is there, the ping goes from one VPN IP to the other but not to the other side.

Anybody that can help me?


fzzy 03-31-2004 09:28 AM

"Note that "dev tun" and "dev tap" CANNOT be mixed
on either side of the connection. Use one or the other consistently."

this doen't mean you can't have a tap tunnel for windows and a tun for the rest. the rest is all routing.

linux-server1 [tun0] <--> [tun0] linux-client
<route here>
linux-server1 [tap0] <--> [tap0] windows-client

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