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mytto 02-14-2006 09:43 AM

OpenLDAP for web application SSO integration
Hi everyone,

I want to integrate authentication of two heterogeneous web applications (Moodle and Plone) within a single sign-on system. I know both are LDAP compliant, hence I decided to install an OpenLDAP server on the web server (Mandriva 2006 distribution) to share user authentication information.

Now I have Moodle, Plone and LDAP server running, I've also found where to setup web application LDAP connection, but the point is I'm a total nubia to LDAP technology and I don't how to fill in user info (nubia, passed, etc) in the LDAP server to start playing with my web applications.

Any help would be much appreciated :confused:

Thanks in advance.

irpstrcr 02-14-2006 11:45 AM

Not having used Moodle or Plone before I can only give you a general idea of how to get started...

Once you have the proper schemas loaded with OpenLDAP you would need to insert a basic template ldif that contains the fields you would need to use for your app. Once the basics are in the directory I find JXplorer is a great free tool to manipulate the contents of the directory.

AFA the schema and the basic info that should be in the directory, read the docs that came with the app. Some times the app has its own requirements on the names being used (mail/email or cn/username and whatnot) and sometimes they wil have their own schema to load into the directory.

hope that atleast points you in the right direction

mytto 02-15-2006 11:25 AM

Thank you for your answer.

I think the point is to load a schema compliant with both applications I want to integrate.

What I'm really wondering is : will using a OpenLDAP server solve my web Single Sign-On issue?

I start to believe it won't...

irpstrcr 02-15-2006 12:23 PM

If the question is.. Will it allow me to login to one app and automagicly be logged in to a different app with the same account.. then the short answer would be no.

What it will allow you todo is have the accounts all in one place instead of scattered about in different dbs or files for each app. USERA will bee the same USERA to both apps but instead of looking in seperate places for his info both apps can look at the same place.

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