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Gil@LQ 02-13-2013 02:42 PM

open vpn not forwarding to lan
hi ,

i installed openvpn, on centos 6.3. Working fine, i can also can connect from home, thing is my local ip is which is eth0, eth1 is public ip, i configured in /etc/openvpn/server.conf for remote clients. when i connect to vpn server, my laptop been assigned some ip like, it's also pinging to which is tun0 , but if i try to ping not pinging, my laptop is not comunicating with other interface of vpn server other than tun0 (, if it's not possible vpn server is of no use since can't access my network

i enabled ip forwarding in /etc/sysctl and configure MASQURADE as


iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE
But thing i noticed was, i configured vpn ip( as gateway for one of the pc in network( tried to ping (tun0) after MASQUERADE, it's pinging and also pinging my laptop which is connected in vpn from home. but my laptop can't ping


i suspect vpn client is unable to communicate other clients via vpn's local ip
please tell me how to configure my vpn server so that vpn clients take it's local ip as gateway
pleae help me

thank you very much.

smallpond 02-14-2013 08:56 AM

Sounds like the vpn and server are ok. How are you setting the route table on your PC so it knows to go through the VPN to get to 192.168.80.x? Are you pushing the route from openvpn?

scheidel21 02-14-2013 09:18 AM

Is the Client-client option enabled in the OpenVPN configuration, I've had this cause issues in communication between nodes other than the server.

Gil@LQ 02-19-2013 08:08 AM


i thank you all for your time, i don't know where did my conf, wrong finally but i did below steps from the post.


push "route"
push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp"

thank you.

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