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cpinyit 06-28-2001 02:45 AM

Only For Network Administrator (Linux Expert)
i face some problem on my company email server (linux).

Some of my colleague send an email to
example : which email had alias to all collegue of the company,but only got few collegue received that email ,somemore they receive more then 10 copy instead of 1 .

this email keep sending to those particular collegue time to time eventhoght deleted the related email.

i try to use norton antivirus to scan the sender and receiver,but didnt find any virus,seem its not a virus.

i try to delete the error.log and restart the email again, but it not work.

i dunno wat problem izzt, whether it is heavy virus or mail server's problem.

so, just do me a favour,
try to advise and guide me.

thank you very much...

myicq : 25919401 (ricky)


email :

LionKing 06-29-2001 02:15 PM

I am not an expert, but I suspect your aliase file is either corrupted or in wrong format, try to rebuild your aliase database, and see if that makes any difference.

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