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richardcrowson5 10-02-2003 04:32 AM

ok Newbie here with RH linux 9 few problems need help
i bought RH linux 9 last week and installed it all but now running into a few problems.

when ever i try to open a .exe file it comes up saying there is no viewer installed to view this file, can someone help me if they understand this because it is really confusing and not allowing me to install any software onto the machine.

i am also trying to set up a network but don't know how to can anyone help me.
i have one computer running RH linux 9 and the other running windows ME with a 5 port switch between the 2 of them the windows PC has a broadband connection i wish to share files and the broadband connection.

:scratch: :newbie: :scratch:

XavierP 10-02-2003 05:10 AM

.exe files are Windows executable files. They will only run in Linux with something like Wine. And even then, not all programs will work. What are you trying to install, there may be a Linux alternative.

To share files, you will need to install Samba - sorry can't help with installation as I have never used it. Search this forum, many others have had problems answered.

The broadband connection should work - assuming you have enabled DHCP and it is supported by your ISP. What happens when you try to connect? What have you done already?

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