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mpapet 07-16-2012 05:22 PM

Ntop & NetFlow: No Traffic Reported
I've got a CentOS 5.8 server running ntop and using the NetFlow plugin. There's no traffic reported under Summary and All Protocols pages.

There is no ntop device listed as I'm only interested in the NetFlow traffic.

Ntop box LAN: This is the subnet of the netflow probe
Cisco Router LAN interface: with Netflow configured and sending traffic from the Serial sub-interface through the router's LAN interface ( and onto Ntop.

The traffic I want to see is on subnet. That's the traffic passing over the Serial sub-interface.

netflow.2.humanFriendlyName NetFlow-device.2
-no filtering in the netflow configuration
-no flow aggregation in the netflow configuration

Where is my configuration error?

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