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Phixated 07-09-2004 03:56 AM

NTL Problems

I have recently installed Fedora Core 2 and I want to get the internet working again.

I installed Fedora Core 2 last night and had the internet working ok until I turned the computer on today and it has disapeared from known existence.

I am using the NTL Ambit modem (grey block) to connect to the internet.


XavierP 07-09-2004 04:55 AM

I live in the South East UK and have had NTL internet problems over the last few days. NTL have changed the ip addresses recently and it has given us problems.

acid_kewpie 07-09-2004 07:54 AM

Myabe it is a regioal problem, but you've said what's actually wrong.... the internet can not dissapear... do you mean your etherner interface? desktop icon? what?

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