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redmagna 01-29-2013 05:09 PM

Driver problem ...


Originally Posted by camorri (Post 3317613)
To check the status of your ethernet connections, open a konsole, and run the command 'ifconfig' ( without the quotes ). This will list all interfaces. If you get 'command not found', you may need to run it as root, so, use 'sudo ifconfig', provide the password, and the command should run. Post the results, if you need help to understand what it is saying.

For the drivers, assuming they are not compiled into the kernel, run the command 'su lsmod' the list may be long, depending on your configuration. You can post that also if you need help with the drivers.

If the drivers are in question, then we need to know the hardware. Run the command 'lspci' and post the results.

I've got a similar problem. Just installed UBUNTU Server over the weekend, but I can't get networking to work. 'ifconfig' says only the Loopback is present. The 'lshw' command says I've got a 'network UNCLAIMED' for the Netlink BCM5906M Fast Ethernet PCI Express. Where can i get the driver for this hardware??


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