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naufal 09-22-2006 05:31 PM

NIC installation in fedora running as virtual machine
Hi everyone,

Well I have gone through all the threads related to broadcom but couldn;t resolve the issue. I have a winxp machine with Broadcom 440x ethernet adapter. I am runnin fedora core5 as a virtual machine using vmware on my XP laptop.

I first installed fedora using NAT ethernet option and everything was fine, but as far as i know since NAT option does not directly access ethernet card i did not face this problem. As I changed my vmware setting to bridged connection in which case VM machine directly accesses the hardware I faced this problem.

Problem: fedora is detecting my ethernet card as some AMD pcinet device. It has b44 module in it which i know of but lsmod or lspci does not show my ethernet card original name. So basically i need to get my real broadcom card detected and installed on fedora.

If anyone can please help me .


Brian1 09-22-2006 06:29 PM

Not sure on this but I thought no matter which type of networking is setup it is a virtual nic that is configured. The only way to actually control a nic in a guest is for the Host to relincious the device itself. Not sure if it can be done with a nic. Harddrives and media storage devices are possiable. I would ask this question over on the vmware site. Look through the FAQ as well. Post back what you find out if you go this route.


naufal 09-22-2006 06:42 PM

I suspected this problem with fedora because.... one of the network i.e NAT works fine but the bridged connection does not. and then secondly I am having excat same problems with complilation and installation that i found in one of the thread, but I did not find the solution. Anyways I will put it on a vmware site as well.

naufal 09-22-2006 06:44 PM

Do you think it might be a problem with dhcp. Cause i configured fedora to get the IP via dhcp but when I grep DHCP I do not get anything. HOw can I start or check the DHCP service

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