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saavik 12-05-2001 04:37 AM

nic at what speed ?
my switch tells me that the port where my linux proxy is running does only run on 10mbit!
how can i controll the nic speed on my linux pc and how can i change the speed ?
its a 3c905 so it shall work on 100mbit

Mik 12-07-2001 04:24 AM

Configuring the speed is usually done by autonegotiation. If there is one nic on the subnet which only supports 10Mbit then all the nics on that subnet will have to switch to 10Mbit.
Check the following page for the options you can pass to the module when loading it:

I don't know switches but I think you have to set the port on the switch to 100Mbit too if you don't want it to auto negotiate.


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