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collen 09-02-2004 03:23 AM

Nfs4 not work..

i'm getting kind of stuck here, got 2 Fedora c2 running.
and try to make nfs4 working here..

i followed the steps on

but i keep on getting the error: "wrong fs type, bad option, back superblock ... "
after udating the nfs-utils to 1.0.6-22 the error stayed, only the text became differend..
error: "mount: special device does not exist"

the nfs3 is working, i can mount remote fs with is, but as soon i try to use nfs4 the error keeps appaering...
i disabled all firewalls (it's a local test network), no good here.
tryed updating to newer kernel with yum (up2date).. no good either..

running out of options here.. can someone pleaze help me out here..
(need the acl option that comes with nfs4..)



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