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utahnix 01-31-2007 04:00 PM

NFS4 group enumeration
I'm not sure if 'enumeration' is the right word in the subject, however..

I have a NFS4 export with the following options (exported folder and allowed hosts omitted):

On the workstation mounting the export, I have: /media/net/fs2 nfs4 user,noauto,rw,hard,intr,sec=sys,proto=tcp,port2049 0 0

The mount itself works. I can get to all the filesHowever, unless I am the owner of the file and have read and write permissions on the file, I can't edit the file.

I have ensured that my uid's and gid's match on both machines. Groups don't seem to be working.

Now, often times I do a long list, and the wrong ACLs list on the client/workstation end. I have to restart my ID-mapping daemon on the server and it fixes it.

Both machines are SUSE. The workstation is openSUSE 10.2. The other is SLES 10.

What can I do here? Ideas?

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