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garba 10-27-2006 05:36 PM

(nfs4) disable host authentication
hello, I'm using nfs4 to serve home dirs to my LAN of diskless computers,
users authenticate through kerberos, everything works great but the problem
is I'll have to provide each client with a kerberos keytab, and as you'll
have already guessed by now, those keytabs will have to be exported through
nfs2/3... this is sort of an egg-and-chicken problem, i was wondering if it
was possible to disable the host authentication part altogether (it's just
unnecessary administrative overhead in this case), i know this way a
malicious client could mount my nfs4 filesystem, but this would not be a
problem since access to the home dirs themselves would (should?) still be
protected by kerberos... any idea? thanks for any help, regards, andrea

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