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MatricalDreamer 06-28-2007 08:09 AM

NFS will only work in 1 direction between 2 pc's
Hello fellow braniacs ,

I've been setting up NFS between 2 SuSe 10.2 boxes.
I've - incredible enough ! - managed to get it working
, well that is in one direction for now !
I can access the shares on pc1 from pc2 in the blink of an eye.
When I try to do the same in opposite direction I get all kinds of
messages that I've must have seen a thousand times by now - yes I
really gave it a good - ? - go before coming here -!

The first problem is that I have to shut down both of my wireless
interfaces in order to get the connection over my crosslink cable
between the 2 pc's working , to be more precise , to be able to
have access from pc2 to the shares on pc1 - to be able to ping
amongst each other I don't have to shut them down , the packets
just go jolly like over my wifi down to the router in the living
room back up to my other wifi and hit the card I pinged for :s -
Why does it take this route , do I have to change the routing file
to change this ?

Then further more I configured the NFS servers and clients
similarly which gives me the above described effect .

Whenever I try to get access to the shares on pc2 I get permission
denied how can this be when the both pc's are like looking in the
mirror to each other ?

I would like to have my systems boot up with wireless enabled -
that's no problem - then I have to activate my network cards
manually - I don't mind - but then I don't want to have to shut
down the wireless cards in order to be able to use NFS , that's
just too crazy for words .

If I don't shut them down they will be used as interfaces between
the pc's by default. Since the wireless cards are in the external
zone, the other two cards are in the internal zone and the NFS
clients and servers are setup to have only open ports on the
internal interfaces, logically -?- this isn't working in
general .

I don't want to open up ports on the external interfaces , I might
as well leave my carkeys in the car all the time , or is it save
to open up ports on external interfaces ? But why would I need
that anyway when I have a much faster crosslink cable and why oh
why does it work in only one direction with wifi shut down ?????

I learned a lot - again solving a problem on Linux - but for the
second time in my 2 year Linux history I'm stranded , out of
ideas -and almost breath -.
I'm really looking out for some fresh ideas , a fresh
breeze if you will , hoping again to be able to fix the problem
, or better said to find the solution.

Thanks a lot !

MatricalDreamer 07-12-2007 03:26 AM

Forgot to tell , it works just fine now , thanks anyway you all .

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