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rrich100 11-13-2003 03:07 PM

nfs mount with fstab vs autofs
What method is best to use for mounting 186GB /database as a NFS share
from another machine? Mount using /etc/fstab entry or Mount using autofs?

Also, what is the default mount options ( soft or hard)? And what mount
option is best to use? This is for Redhat linux 2.1AS server.

Eqwatz 11-13-2003 11:21 PM

If you are going to be continuously connected and using the database then redhat says to use fstab--if you are going to be communicating with the database and interacting with it sporadically use the autofs as it takes fewer resources--at the cost of higher latency on the first request. You can adjust how long the connection is inactive before it is dropped. I would still make it the last entry in fstab.

There are more options than soft or hard. The manual entries are clear, well written and brief.

Thanks for the question. I needed the review.

sashhoney 11-13-2003 11:21 PM

well in my opinion fstab is better option
and the default mount option is hard
the diff b/w soft and hard is, when we use hard, it keeps on trying unless it gets connected and generate a warning "server not responding".
when we use soft, it gives up after first attempt and generate an i/o error
the choice depends on criticality of ur system.
i have used soft option anyway.

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