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Just the fact that you speak of "FREE" means you are viewing this as a form of monetary exchange. I have never ever in my life considered these sort of things to be "free". You put in the effort and hope something comes back, and I have been on the other side of the equation many times before as well.

You are completely angry and completely hostile. At first you were friendly but that quickly faded as apparently I didn't give you the answers you wanted.

You turned into a piece of scum like most of them are. And all of them are copy clones of one another. The same attitudes, the same opinions. The same mindset. There is nothing original in there. I hope you take some of this with you in your next encounters, because MANY feel the way I do. At times I wonder if I'm speaking to the same person I spoke to 3 years ago on some other place; because there is no difference in attitudes and opinion. It seems as if there is only one of you, set out to hate on people who ask questions but who don't comply with what they want other people to do.

It's this army of copycats and the variation of what they believe in is like not noticeable. So your friendliness was really not more than skin-deep. A facade, an image you want to project.

Even the "snowflake" allegory is something you have copied from something else, and it is something you can see repeated on forum after forum (not necessarily with regards to me) but it's the kind of 'rebuttal' that people come up with after having seen someone else do the same. You are all copycats.... jeez... there is like almost nothing original in your mind from the perspective of someone reading these things.

Even "the rules apply the same to you as they do to everyone else" is something you have copied.

And the wonderful thing is that all of you think you are original. You all think you are saying something new because if it wasn't something new you wouldn't be saying it with this audacity. You wouldn't be presenting it as some remarkable truth.

The moment someone disagrees with you you become hostile.

Of course Linux itself is also something you have copied.

The whole ideology is, of course, free copying.

So the end result is that everyone copies everyone else. Remarkable.

By the way, you can only be a volunteer if it is in the context of some organisation, otherwise you are either what you call "doing it because you like it" or the term they have in the USA, which is "personal ministry". Volunteer implies you are not doing it out of your free will, contrary to the word that it might imply. It is a form of service that you see as normally requiring monetary exchange, which means you are in it for the money as well, albeit a form of payment that falls more along the lines of reputation or status.

And you keep insulting a person that doesn't agree with you by saying that they "can't understand the points". That's your way of saying that a person is dumb because he disagrees with you. Your friendliness is really skin-deep, or as they say in Dutch "flinterdun".

A facade you put up to please the customer.

Nobody has 16k posts on a forum such as this unless they are in it for something.

And yes, it applies to you. You are not some "precious little snowflake" and you don't fall outside the line of criticism or feedback just because you are some special person on this forum. You can treat people with respect, just like everyone else.

These rules you made up; I did not make up respect. So you see that what you call me, you are. What you say about me, applies to you. You live in your own little fancy world that you happen to share with like a billion other copycats, and that's why you feel strong and safe. That doesn't make it less of a fantasy world, or less of a 'fancy'. And when you disrespect people, people are allowed to call you out on it.

And if you then hide behind the rules people are still allowed to call you out on it.

If the rules say you have to kill a dozen children each day, people are still allowed to call you out on it.

The rules don't sanctify anything and they certainly don't sanctify human behaviour.

If you disrespect me I will say so.

The fact that there is hardly any respect on any of these Linux-oriented forums (but e.g. ArsTechnica is also like that; a vehement Linux crowd) kinda would demonstrate that sometimes there is a need to move around, that is true. But at least voicing my concern is a sign of self-respect. And staying away from forums where the living is too tough, is also that.

And you even have the balls to call me out on my "attitude". You, of course, don't have an attitude. Because, perhaps, you don't notice it among the sea of like-mindeds. I will tell you that ordinary people not part of any Linux or tech-world, do notice the attitude. And most of the time it scares them off; even some open source developers refuse to work with Linux devs.

So just because you've helped a person here (or at least, I guess, tried to) doesn't mean that you didn't, within moments, lose your temper. That you didn't become greedy. Wanting to be done with the thread, and moving on to something else. That is no attitude to have.

And yes I am annoyed by this fact that the simplest of questions often turn into a quagmire of debate and currently it has been whether or not I "should" or "need to" use that SSHFS love of yours. Suddenly you become that friend who picks a fight with me because I refuse his camera advice. A person who becomes incredibly irritated when I turn down his advice.

Apparently I am not free to accept or reject advice, so the advice was not freely given.

If it was freely given you wouldn't care.

You give the advice and you expect something in return.

So no, your advice wasn't "FREE".

It came with the obligation to follow up on it.

You're not some precious little snowflake you know, you are not entitled to special treatment just because you are the one (or the first) to answer some question, or because you have thousands of posts on your name, or because you work in production environments, or whatever. No one has an obligation to follow up on your advice just because you've seen fit to answer a question.

You should drop the entitlement attitude.

The only entitlement attitude I have is that I feel enraged about people requiring help from me in implementing their ideas (in my systems/life) IN MY SYSTEMS OR LIFE when I just came to quietly ask something. They feel my admissals require me to implement whatever they give me in my life even when I just came for a bit of talk. Now suddenly I have an obligation or requirement that just because I asked for help I am now required to implement the help I receive and yes at that point I say "what the hell? why should I go by what you say?".

Asking questions I guess comes with its own set of requirements or "obligations" in the sense that if you invite someone in, you need to follow up on what they say in the sense of humouring them, or not making their time be wasted.

So if someone suggests a certain avenue, you have an obligation to pursue it just to see in any form whether the thing might be good for you or not, and not dismiss it out of hand.

So that, at least, you learn more closely whether it is good for you or not. And I often object to such interference, in a sense help given after help is asked, is not free, you are obliged to do something with it.

That is what you can hold against me, accuse me of. I will hold that.

I just get upset when people start requiring me to jump through hoops just because I asked a question. Now I am obliged, according to them (in another forum) to try out mdadm/linux software raid for my needs, when my entire system is not even using Linux, and someone else requires me to try out KVM using e.g. Windows as a guest OS, and some other bloke I guess wants me to even test Windows "Dynamic Disks" and it will take me months to give all of that a try before I can even report back. So when I refuse (I guess, because I'm lazy, or scared) people start becoming upset because I'm not using their 'well-intended' advice.

That was on Ars recently. Then, it hasn't happened yet, just wait for it, someone is going to call me a bigot because I refuse to change my ways.

And mostly or all because I am scared stiff, I am terrified of messing with my system, since it is my only system and if I ruin things I might be without internet for days or even weeks, depending on the conditions. These people now want me to try both Windows Dynamic Disks and mdadm + (ostensibly) KVM. And when I object to that they call me a bigot when I'm just lazy and scared.

And apparently it IS possible to run Windows as a guest in KVM with "vfio" on accelerated pass-through graphics hardware even with a single monitor if you connect it twice, but that is beside the point here.

I mean, is this so threatening? Just because I don't want to change my ways (as rapidly)? I am really scared shitless of messing with KVM etc., and in the context of this thread, I am also scared of attempting SSHFS as a persistent mount, even though I have verified that it works, but it has its own set of permission rules (that is not necessarily a problem) but it might definitely require some configuration AND I AM SO HAPPY THAT AT THE PRESENT MOMENT NFS JUST WORKS.

I am just scared okay. I am scared of changing things. I have this feeling that if I blow in the wrong direction everything will collapse. I have been without internet numerous times in this period, sometimes for months. Of course I might learn something if I attempt something new. But at present, even if it is just by a thread, it works. SSHFS -- it writes files using my SSH user (on the sftp-server) (the NAS) but I have no [s]CHMOD[/s] CHOWN rights, probably or perhaps because the actual user ID is different from the one on my client system. I cannot change ownership. Not necessarily a problem. Just something to take note of and the user owning the files is shown as a numeric ID (like 1026). So it definitely doesn't "just work" without configuration; it works to a certain degree without configuration, but that's not the end of it. I guess I will need to change the "real group" (first group) of my user on the NAS. Cause at this point it writes files with the wrong group, and hence, not enough permissions (or too many). At that point.....

So I guess that would be my obligation to you as well: attempt what you have described.

Only then can I learn the reasons why I don't want to use something. But at that point it will be something I can found, instead of something that is just my sense. So I guess what you feel is this sense of bigotry because I refuse to change my ways without even having attempted the new thing.

And I'm just scared. I am scared I will mess things up and then won't have the means or energy of correcting it. Stuff like that. Is that so threatening?


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