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Janger 01-28-2005 06:48 AM

nfs: all_squash vs. squash_uids/squash_gids

I have a problem setting up an nfs export properly. I use one of the following two directives in the server's /etc/exports (insecure only for testing purposes, where the Xs are my server's IP, user 500:500 owns the directory on the server):

/home/jeden XX.XXX.XX.XX(rw,squash_uids=501,squash_gids=20,insecure,anonuid=500,anongid=500)

/home/jeden XX.XXX.XX.XX(rw,all_squash,insecure,anonuid=500,anongid=500)

With both directives, I can mount the directory. But only the second one will give me r/w access afterwards.

So all_squash obviously works, while the selective squashing does not. Why isn't it possible to selectively squash my local uid/gid?



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