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nadine.mauch 03-27-2005 12:09 PM

newbie thin client

I'm maintening two sites equiped with one linux server
under SuSE9.X (dns, dhcp,hylafax,openoffice) and PCs under WinXX.
The Pcs have always problems so I would like to replace
them with thin clients.
I would like to know what a thin client exactly is because
some vendors say it's exactly a PC, other say it's a PC BUT
you need a server application which is able to manage clients, ...

Let's take an example : if the thin client has an embedded linux,
when it starts how does it establish the connection with the
server : boot PXE, tftp/bootp, or gets an ip and sends a request ?
So, my first question is to understand how to start.

When the thin client has finished booting does the linux GUI logging
window appear ? or how do I do to have the user logging in ?

When logged in which programs can be run ? openoffice ? susefax ?
others ? all ? Users need openoffice which they already have under
winXX and a fax client (whfc for now).

Can a thin client be the PC which ran winXX before but without its hard
drives or should special machines be bought ?

What about local hardware like printers, zip, ...

Thanks a lot for any hint.

{BBI}Nexus{BBI} 03-27-2005 03:01 PM

There are How-To's that will explain and help you to get started. For a quick overview see here:

nadine.mauch 03-28-2005 03:12 AM

Thank you very much for your thread.

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