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paul.hugill 05-11-2005 03:46 PM

Newbie server on a home network?
Ive got a few of questions about setting up a network with a server.

1. What do you guys think about using the server as a normal workstaion. It would not be anything major server wise as it would just be a home network so just really nfs, nis and installation media? Is this feasible and are there any draw backs?

2. Does it aways have to be logged in or does just having it on mean that all the services are started?

3. When you mount the home directory on the clients does that include all the settings for the applications?

4. If you are using the server to to authenticate users on the clients can you use the same account but from 2 different clients?

Thanks guys. Sorry bout the lots of questions but I appreciate the thoughts.

Half_Elf 05-11-2005 05:05 PM

Your question is a bit confuse.

You mean, is it possible to build up an ADS like server on your linux box, right? ADS (Active Domain Directory) is a Micro$oft tool that keep user/group/user home/program settings on a server. If so :
1- There is no problem using the server as a workstation in a home network. I wouldn't recommand to do that in a production network, but at home, it doesn't really matter, just make sure you won't break anything (i.e.: Don't run the wokstation as root, ever)

2- This is not a stoopid windoze OS. Unless you specifically configure the linux to do it that way, all services will be started on boot.

3- You can configure the server to push the registry (if you are using a windoze client) as well as home. In Unix world all users settings relative to application are stored in the user's home... so...

4- Probably but it wouldn't be a good idea since the last one to log off will probably overwrite the first one applications settings. I never tried this.

paul.hugill 05-11-2005 05:20 PM

Yea I guess I want it as an ADS. So thats great thanks. Didnt think it would be possible to log in on 2 clients at the same time.

One of the computers is a laptop and I would need to use it away from this network so is there a way of having a kinda backup settings so it doesnt come up with errors and things for when it cant find the server?

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