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sirpelidor 06-08-2005 02:33 AM

newbie: lost internet whenever attempted to setup home network
Hi there,

I want my mdk 9.2 act as a gateway to the internet. And have my laptop connect to my mdk box using a cross cable. So the laptop can gain access to the internet as well. Very basic home networking, but I kept run into problem.

-mdk box is connected to the internet through sbc yahoo dsl.
-dsl ip address change everytime i reconnect
-both eth0 and eth0 are detected and supported
-eth0 connect to the internet, setup method using pppoe
-eth1 of course, is for internal network :)

lost internet connect whenever i try to configure eth1,
ifconfig does show my ppp0 is working...

eth0 inet, bcast 10.0.255 rx, tx, interrupt
eth1 inet, bcast rx, tx, interrupt
ppp0 inet add: (gateway add from ISP), rx, tx, collisions,

based on ifconfig, i am -still- connecting to the internet, and I do see my dsl router's light is blinking, but I'm unable to use any of my internet application (mozilla, gaim, gnomeicu...etc)

As I follow most of the howto
(this is one of the site i follow: home-network-mini-howto )

i kept run into problem whenever i try to configure eth1's ip address, netmask, broadcast, and such.

My box was working fine before i configure eth1, now i had to do the "windoze" way --- backup, reinstall my mdk and start all over and hope things will work. But it doesn't.

It seems to be that my box works fine with only eth0, and its ok too with eth1, as long as i don't make any changes. but once i start edit eth1 then i lose internet again. I've been battle this thing for almost a week now, I am very tired of reading those howto, gave me all those terms and jargon, but none of those are really solving my problems :(

please help

Thank you

fotoguy 06-08-2005 05:18 AM

Don't know of this will help much, make sure you don't add an address to the gateway setting of eth1(internal) of your MDK machine, if you have then your MDK computer wont know which direction to route data to the internet.

There is an easy to setup up the nic during boot-up with slackware so i say if should work for MDK as well, i haven't used MDK for a wile now. All you need to do is add a line to your /etc/rc.local file.

ifconfig eth1 netmask up

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