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Umanga 02-24-2010 08:33 PM

Newbie: Help me to setup this simple network ?
Please refer to image at :

The thick-blueline is the connection we get to our lab,where we access internet ,and our web-server has public IP.
What we want to do is,to use the Debian server with DNS (dnsmasq),and DHCP (dhcp3) to assign IPs to devices in the network for using their MAC addresses.(192.168.2.XXX range)

My question is
1) when configuring this setup what IP address should I give to the Debian server(DNS+DHCP server). Is it a static IP ?
2)How does the IP of switch relate to this?
3) To tell 'switch' to use the Debian server as DHCP server,can I use 'DHCP relay' option in the switch ?

Can someone give me steps for configuring this ?

thanks in advance.

jschiwal 02-24-2010 08:50 PM

The IP of a switch is just for configuring it. Give it a static IP. This is probably in the purview of your IT department, and not something you need to (or should) deal with. One convention is to use .1 for the router/gateway device. Another is to use .254.

You are missing a router between the switch and the internet. ( Or is the server in the DMZ )

If the server is on site, and in the DMZ, then you should have a firewall between the switch and the server. It will have at least three NIC ports. One for the internet, one for the DMZ where the server is in, and a third for the LAN.

You could configure the Debian server as this firewall, putting it between the switch and the DMZ. Make sure that you only install just what you need.


If you only have a handful of hosts in the network, and the server is off site, then you might want to do what I have done at home. I have a Linksys router, and use it for DHCP and NAT. The router can be configured to issue the same IP addresses based on the MAC address. Then the hosts can simply use DHCP but have the same IP address assigned to it even if you powercycle or reset the router.

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