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how_wood 12-22-2008 02:04 PM

Networking SuSE to XP: Crossover cable or something else?
I have a PC running XP Pro that is connected to the Internet by a wireless adapter. It also has a second internal NIC.

I have a second PC running OpenSuSE 11.0 with an internal NIC. It is running Oracle, and Apache is serving a database application.

I would like to connect to the Linux box as a web client and as an Oracle client from the XP box. An Internet connection for the Linux box through the XP box would also be nice. File transfer and/or browsing also nice.

I have a crossover cable and have tried to get that going, using posts I have found here and elsewhere, but I guess networking just isn't my thing. I got our wireless network up OK, but that was all Windows and pretty much plug and play. When I introduce the crossover cable, about all I have been able to accomplish is breaking the wireless connection.

So, my question is: is this crossover cable a viable solution? If not, should I just get something to put in between the XP box and the SuSE box? A hub or a switch or what? I am not afraid to spend a few dollars if that would be easier to set up, especially for a networking klutz like myself.

I appreciate any comments anyone would care to make.

irishbitte 12-22-2008 02:22 PM

If you have a PC with a wireless connection, surely you have a wireless router somewhere? Can you connect the OpenSUSE box to the wireless router using a regular Ethernet cable?

how_wood 12-22-2008 02:51 PM

Yes, there is a wireless router. It is in another room, so a cable connection is not practical. I would be happy to work up a wireless connection for the SuSE box directly to the router, but have not had any luck finding wireless adapters for Linux. If anyone can suggest a wireless adapter for the SuSE box, along with how to find the information I would need to configure it, that would be fine.
Thanks for your comments.

irishbitte 12-22-2008 06:08 PM

Not sure about OpenSUSE, but wireless adapters can be troublesome beasts. Take a look at this link for more info, particularly relevant for OpenSuse:

Also look at this info:

how_wood 12-23-2008 06:35 PM

Wireless NIC
OK Irishbitte, thanks for those links, too.
I read those and followed a couple of links there and learned enough to decide on a wireless card for the SuSE box. I've ordered one and will try to get it on the wireless network. I'll post back with the results.

irishbitte 12-29-2008 06:12 PM

Any news on how you got on? Just it may help others to post any good results!

how_wood 12-30-2008 10:02 AM

Wireless Adapter Attempt
I just received my wireless adapter yesterday (12/29/08) and am going to see if I can get it working later today. It is Atheros chip based, so it should work with the ndiswrapper. I found a couple of tutorials on setting it up following the links you provided, so I am hopeful that, networking novice that I am, I can get it to work.
I will definitely post back with the results, and if it works I'll include links to the info I used along with anything else I learn along the way.

clayb226 01-02-2009 03:30 PM

The cross-over cable should work fine, use the wireless card as the default gateway of the wired NIC, then use the wired NIC as your default gateway of the Linux box. You will need your DNS info to get it to work.

how_wood 01-07-2009 04:41 PM

OK, I have finally been able to make a connection that works. More or less simultaneously, I went down three different paths before something fell into place. The methods I tried were:
1.A direct connection with an Ethernet crossover cable
2.A Belkin switch
3.A USB wireless adapter
The switch is what wound up working first. After my experience with the other two methods, I'm sure they could both be made to work as well.
As far as the USB approach goes, I tried a Netgear WG111T Atheros chip based adapter. The links provided by irishbitte and other links that led from those showed how to implement it using the ndiswrapper. I was able to get the two machine to see each other, and to connect to web applications served by the XP box with the SuSE box. But, I did not get the SuSE box to connect to the Internet. I now suspect this was a firewall problem.
Here's what worked: A coworker lent me a 4 port Belkin switch. The SuSE box is plugged into the 'upload' port which I understand to be an extension of the fourth port, meant to connect to another switch when cascading switches. One of the other ports goes to the internal NIC of the XP machine. In the Windows control panel, network setup area, the wireless adapter of the XP machine is set to be shared. This setting is found under the 'advanced' tab of the properties dialog for the connection.
The last hurdle was the firewall. The XP machine has the Zone Alarm Security Suite for both firewall and antivirus. I got it to work by setting an allowed range for my local network, to When I saw that was working, I was able to narrow it down by trial and error to the IP address of the XP's internal NIC, which Windows fixes at when you set the other (in my case wireless) adapter to be shared.
So, I went out and bought a four port Belkin switch ($25) and that is the set up at this time.
As clayb says, the crossover cable is nearly the same as what I have working, and I may still try to do that since it is somewhat simpler, eliminating a piece of hardware. If and when I do, I'll post back with that.
Now, I am working on setting up a remote desktop connection for the SuSE box from the XP box to use it all from yet another machine, namely my laptop, so I can watch TV or hang out with the family while working with my database application. I expect this to be much simpler than the connection problem.
If anyone has a specific question about my configuration I would be happy to answer it. Thanks to irishbitte and clayb for their help.

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