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lrt2003 04-26-2004 02:16 AM

Networking Questions (simplish)

This is basically what I want to do:

(I have 2 computers, one 1.8ghz, one 600mhz. I have one network card (PCI). I connect to the internet with a usb-ethernet-adapter. I want to network the two computers, so they can both access the internet (cable internet) AND share files between themselves.)

However, this extends into the networking section.. I have many more questions just relating specifically to networking..

I want to set up the 600mhz and the host linux machine (router).. and use that with X, etc.. and have it let the 1.8ghz have internet access too, and that run X, etc too.. AND share files between them..

I have 2 network cards now.. and cat 6 cable.. but it's not crossover :( do I need to get a crossover one in order to set this thing up? how do I set it up? can I lan without the crossover cable without a proper router? argh1!

is what I'm asking possible?

chort 04-26-2004 02:53 AM

You only need a crossover cable if you're planning on directly connecting the two computers with one cable. If you use a hub or a switch to connect them you need to use two regular cat(5|5e|6) cables.

lrt2003 04-26-2004 04:27 PM

Thanks! (I bought a patch cable by mistake)

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