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sohan 09-03-2003 11:24 PM

networking linux w2k MAC os9 OSX
hi there every one! Feel guilty asking a question first time in, but hope to contribute more in the future.

We have a G3 with OS9, a P4 2Ghz w2k and (my) P3 mandrake box. My friend is buying a G5 (lucky bastard) shortly with X.2. I was hoping to network this whole bunch together in a LAN and share our net connection. I have done LAN with NFS and IPTABLES setup before between linux machines (debian and mandrake) but i am bit apprehensive of doing it over three different OS architectures. I want to set up mandrake machine as the gateway machine and possibly a server for administering the other machines (both PCs and MACs). I would also like to be able to add a printer to the network to share among the users. I have heard of samba, and that it can take care of file and printing services between PC and mandrake box, but how about OS 9 and OS X.2? Since OS X.2 is a BSD, would its setup be similar to linux setup? And for OS9 do i have to load appletalk on mandrake or is there another way?

Sry for so many questions.... any clue, pointer or link to a howto etc would be muchly apreciated

jamida 09-06-2003 11:36 PM

Check out netatalk for networking linux with OS9. It's a bit old but seems to be very slowly being maintained.

Netatalk mimics apple networking (blanking on the name now), and can support logins, though I have not had luck getting that set up. My current system has netatalk enabled for my OS9 machines for guest users. It points to the same SAMBA share that I'm using for my Win machines. My linux box is running redhat9.0.

I'm trying to find info about setting up smb printing so that my OS9 machines can print to my Linux box. I have an epson printer connected to my linux box... my windows machines and my OSX machine can print to it just fine, but I need help setting up the printing for OS9. Ideas?


dublinclontarf 03-16-2004 08:07 AM

you can use samba to network them all together.
you can get samba for os9 <a href=" Utilities/Network/os-samba-file-manager-version-ii-upgrade-413.html">here</a href>
osx should have samba already installed.
In Mandrake use netconf set up samba.
give each computer a different name(eg windows, mac, linux)
and give them the same workgroup name eg home or house or something.

set up your printer normally under madrake and use samba to share it.

sorry about the vaugeness but you should get the general idea.
use available howtos to break it up into something more managable ie get printing working in mandrake,
get samba working on os9
get all 3 working together sharing files
get mandrake to share printer with samba

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