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pfunk 09-21-2004 10:36 PM

Networking Linux to windows behind dsl router
I have DSL and a router with one ethernet jack on it. I have a windows xp computer with two ethernet jacks and a Suse Linux box with one ethernet jack.

Can I somehow hook the linux box to the windows box (via a crossover ethernet cable) and hook the windows box to the DSL router and have one monitor/one keyboard/one mouse/etc.. and use VNC to connect to my linux box and get to the internet thru my linux box?

Any pointers to books, websites or directions how to start this project would be helpful. I'm sorta clueless on where to begin. thanks a bunch.

CroMagnon 09-22-2004 12:13 AM

Is it possible to take one of the network cards out of the XP box and put it in the linux box instead? This would be much easier (i.e: I know how to do it without testing anything, whereas I'm not sure exactly how to convince XP to route data between two network cards).

In linux, you would just configure the two cards (may be the most difficult step, depending on the cards themselves), enable IP forwarding, and set XP's default gateway to the linux machine's IP.

Mad Processor 09-22-2004 03:06 AM

In WinXP you can choose "Share this connection" or something in "Network connections". This will set up WinXP to use the DSL connection and set itself up as a DHCP server on the second card. It will hand out an IP to the Linux box and there is no problem in using VNC to connect to it, I've done it several times myself.

pfunk 09-22-2004 10:27 AM

Thanks, so do you think i need a crossover ethernet cable? or can i just use a regular one. i read somewhere that if you're connecting two computers directly together you need a crossover cable but i'm not sure if that applies to this case.

thanks again - i'll be trying that out soon.

michaelk 09-22-2004 10:32 AM

You need a crossover cable for connect two PCs together.

pfunk 09-22-2004 04:48 PM

I got it working. thanks for your help everyone - here's a summary of what it took.

1. connect a crossover ethernet cable from linux box to windoze box.
2. connect regular ethernet cable from second windows ethernet jack to DSL hub
3. configure a "home or small office network" on your windoze machine so that the networked computer (linux in my case) is going to use the windoze computer as it's gateway to the internet. This is all new to me as I'm not much of a windoze guy but it wasn't hard to set up. at this point you should be able to see the internet from your linux machine.
4. start vncserver on your linux box. note the ip address you have - something like since it's a IP address on the local network that you've constructed. Also note your display number that the vnc server gives you (e.g. hostname:2). The first time you start vncserver you have to supply a password.
5. start a vnc viewer on your windows machine. when it asks for the hostname supply the IP address you had on your linux machine and the display number (e.g. You will be asked to supply the password. And off you go.

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