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cmisip 08-24-2003 01:25 PM

Networking Concepts Questions
I am trying to understand networking and have a few questions. Please feel free to correct me If I am wrong.

A Class B network has a netmask of, therefore there are 2 octets reserved for the host part. Question: If two hosts, with and IP address belong to the same class B network, then can they see each other without a router in between them? (Or must all the first three octets match before a host can see another host?).

I can use subnetting to divide a network into smaller segments by using the letfmost bits of the host for subnetting. Subnets cannot see other subnets without a router. Therefore, when configuring subnets, I will have 3 less addresses that I can use for hosts : one address is used for the subnet address (the lowest host number), one address is used for the router (typically the host next higher to the lowest host number), and one for the broadcast address (the highest host number in the subnet).

Is this correct? Thanks

Blindsight 08-24-2003 02:38 PM

(most) everything you wanna know about subnetting:

I suggest looking through all of the ipprimer if you want a good foundation of network. It's pretty thorough. If you wanna get into networking logistics hardcore, then I highly suggest TCP/IP Illustrated by W. Richard Stevens. Great book that comes in a couple volumes. Start with Volume 1.

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