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nfreeman 10-07-2005 05:14 PM

Network suddenly stops working, route freezes
I was going along just fine with a brand new, 2-hour-old installation of Mandrake 10.0 when it just refused to connect to my network. The weird thing is that I had actually been connected on GAIM and had been surfing the web with Firefox and recieveing email for a while, then it stopped working, and I as far as I know I didn't change a thing.

I'm using static IPs, my router being and the desktop in question being I can ping and just fine from the non-connecting desktop, but I cannot ping or any other IP address, either inside or outside my network, and I can't connect to the internet with any of my apps. Also, the other computers on my network can't ping the desktop at I'm writing this message from my win98 laptop, so it's not my network that's down.

One thing that I have noted is the output of "route" and "netstat -nr". Route gets stuck right before it gets to the entry for my gateway, and I can't enter any more commands until I hit ctrl+c, exiting the program. Trying to add a a gateway through route causes the same lock-up to happen. Netstat -nr, on the other hand, displays everything just fine.


Kernel IP routing table
Destination    Gateway    Genmask            Flags    Metric  Ref  Use  Iface  *          U          0          0      0      eth0      *                  U          0          0      0      lo

(right here I press ctrl+c because it never gets any further, no matter how long I let it sit)


#netstat -nr
Kernel IP routing table
Destination    Gateway        Genmask            Flags    Metric  Ref  Use  Iface  *              U          0          0      0      eth0      *                      U          0          0      0      lo                U          0          0      0      eth0

I know that those tables aren't going to look right in the post, but you get the idea: route hangs and doesn't display everything, netstat displays everything just fine.

Thanks in advance for any advice. I've never seen this anything like this before, and I have no clue what to do here.

nfreeman 10-08-2005 10:43 AM

Well, I left the computer alone for a while and then came back to it, and it decided to work. Route no longer freezes, I can connect and work with GAIM, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc., ping everything, absolutely no problems. Although I'm still not sure how, this problem's resolved.

nfreeman 10-12-2005 08:39 PM

Well, it looks like what was a temporary problem that fixed itself became a temporary fix that problemmed itself (yes, I know problem is not a verb, but I just verbified it! :scratch: ) Anyway, the problem is back and just as annoying as ever, because I once again cannot connect to the internet or even ping my gateway/router by IP (

Here's something interesting though: "# route" hangs before it gets to the default gateway, as described in the first post. "# netstat -r" does also freezes before the default gateway. "# netstat -nr" and "# route -n", on the other hand, work just fine. I'm at a total loss as to what this means or what I should do, but I now believe that it isn't a problem with route.

Actually, it started working again as I was typing this, and everything is working fine again, but I want to resolve the issue now because I feel like this is going to happen a lot, and I really want my computer to be reliable, especially for homework, etc. I really wish my computer would make up its mind. Again, any advice is graciously accepted!

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