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jeopardyracing 01-07-2004 08:17 AM

Network disconnects
Ok, here's a wierd one - not a Linux problem per say, but a situation in my environment I need your help with.

I run a Dell Latitude D600 running Red Hat 9.0. I'm in business school at the University of Virginia and the classrooms are all wired with ethernet.

Here's the thing: in order to keep students paying attention they cut off the network at the start of class. My Dell is a dual boot with Windows XP and I'd really like to run Red Hat in class but I notice that:

- If I boot RH when the network drop is live, and then they cut it off, RH seems to get pretty upset. Nautilus seems to sort of hang, and obviously if a browser was opened it more or less hangs.

- If I boot RH with the network cable unplugged, then log on, I have no internet connection available until I reboot witih the network cable connected to a live network drop.

Questions: Would it help for me to start and stop the network services on RH via the command line? In otherwords if I boot with a live network connection, can I stop the network service before they cut the network off, so RH knows what's going on and doesn't keep waiting for packets (or whatever it's doing)? And if I boot with the network cable unplugged, can I restart the network services on the RH machine without rebooting?

If so, what would be the right syntax?

Right now I'm forced to use Windows in class because of this problem but I use RH everywhere else. I'd like to dump Windows altogether but I can't until I get it working right in the classroom.

jeopardyracing 01-07-2004 08:36 AM

Disregard - just created a shell script to execute the GUI program. If the shell script is executed after an su, the permissions are fine.

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