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lifeonitsown 11-15-2005 09:06 PM

Network card not working? Cannot activate network device eth0
I am a newbie when it comes to linux. Doing it for the first time. Here is the problem.

I installed linux on my old toshiba laptop when i was in college. I use an external nic card and everything worked fine.

I bought the laptop at home and connected it to my router and boot up linux. However now the nic card wont initialize i.e. the communication lights on the nic card are not showing up. They are blinking intermittently but not like when the card is really active and connected to the internet.

When i try to activate the card using network configuration, it gives me the following message, "cannot activate network device eth0!", followed by, "determining IP information for open socket permission denied failed".

The interesting thing is the card does start working and i am able to connect to internet if i leave the laptop like this for few hours. The nic card starts working automatically and i am able to activate it also usin the network settings.

If i take my laptop to the college, the card activates perfectly in the first go and i am able to browse the internet.

What am i doing wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Keruskerfuerst 11-17-2005 06:30 AM

Check the configuration of the networkcard:
1. if it is configured with DHCP (just have a look in /var/log/boot.msg "eth0" or type dmsg on console), then the router must have enabled DHCP server.
2. if it is not configured with DHCP, then you have to set up your computer with a static IP-adress, namesever and routing.

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