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gjmwalsh 06-26-2004 01:26 PM

netstat: incorrect eth assignment
Briefly: I use eth0 as my network connection/default gateway, and eth2 for my internal lan connections. Works fine.

Netstat -nr returns (as expected) U eth2 U eth0 U lo UG eth0

Because I am using my own dns, I have to use manual setup for the static ip, otherwise my resolv.conf and named files get massacred. I understand that.

The problem comes with setting up the second static IP to handle ssh traffic requiring number rather than name resolution.

While I clearly identify eth1, and ifconfig reflects the correct information, netstat appears to 'overwrite' the existing eth0 destination line, replacing it with 2 equal eth1 lines.

Both static IPs do, of course, have the same netmask. Is this going to cause operational problems? Is there a way to force netstat to 'pay attention' to ifconfig, so to speak?

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