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nutthick 12-14-2004 09:24 AM

Netatalk connects through IP not Name
When I connect to my netatalk share from OSX, I perform Apple+K then put in the address afp:// and everything connects perfectly. If I try and connect by clicking on the server's name 'talker' then I get the following error popping up

Connection Failed

This file server is running on your machine. Please access the the volumes and files locally.

The shared obviously aren't on the local machine. Does anyone know what is going on?

metalick 12-14-2004 04:17 PM

Which netatalk version?
You have to start atalkd so it can populate the name to the MAC clients.
Can you see the name through macos9 clients in the chooser?

nutthick 12-15-2004 02:59 AM

I don't have an OS9 box to play with at the moment, although they will be connecting. The only way I can be sure that the OSX box is using netatalk is that the Samba service has been stopped. I'm using the version of netatalk that comes with Slack 10, and when it starts you can see atalkd, nbprgstr, papd and afpd all start up. How can I tell my netatalk version number? I can see the Server appear in the Server Select window on the Mac, but it is when I try and connect to it I get the error. It's almost like the DNS for the name resolves to

My atalkd.conf has the following in it

eth0 -seed -phase 2 -net 0-65534 -addr 1001.143

Is any of this helping? Thanks

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