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maelstrom209 10-10-2004 01:38 PM

I have been doing tremendous research on Netatalk and I believe that there is a huge problem with it. :study: First let me tell you what I'm trying to do. I have a laptop running Ubuntu Linux. I have managed to setup a network with Windows where I can exchanges files with no problem. Now the issue arises with exchanging files thru the Appletalk network.

The majority of computers on my office network are Macs and the server that we use is a Mac as well. Being that I'm using one of the few PCs in the network, it's highly essential for me to be able to get onto the network and exchange files. I need to be able to get onto the Mac file server at work to work on files there and upload them back on. So I researched and found that Netatalk might be my best solution. Apparently I was wrong.

Upon further review of Netatalk I found that Netatalk makes my PC into a server for Macs to access but my PC cannot in turn access the Macs. Why is that? It doesn't make any sense to me that with Netatalk Macs can see my PC but it wouldn't work the other way around.

So I then found afpfs which is apparently a module that allows me to use Linux to talk to Macs. I'm supposed to be able to see Macs with this module. Well the problem I found with this is that the module barely works on the 2.2 kernel which also means it would definitely not work on the 2.6 kernel I'm running for Linux.

I seriously need help here!! Does anyone know of a program I can put onto Linux so that I can see the Macs? Ideally I would like something that lets me see Macs and let's Macs see me. Please help me!!:confused:

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