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New2Linux2 12-01-2006 05:00 PM

Need to change file shares to cifs from smbfs
Debian sarge Samba server acting as PDC for a domain. There are two shares on the server that are accessed by WXP clients on the network. The problem I'm experiencing is related to this thread. The solution to the problem is to use cifs instead of smbfs. How do I define shares on a *nix server using cifs instead of smbfs? So far, the only info I can find (here and Google) deals with mounting Windoze shares on a *nix box.

As always, if you need more info to help me, please ask. TIA.


New2Linux2 12-01-2006 08:02 PM

More Info...
there is an option (according to the smb.conf man file) for specifying the fstype for any given share, but it doesn't actually change the file system for the share, just what the file system is reported to windows (basically, it's just a label).

What I need is a way to change a shared folder on the Debian PDC from smb to cifs. There is a bug in the smb file system that causes intermittent 'hiccups' in the connection. This plays hell with open files, running searches and is just generally annoying to any and all users.

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