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ikw38 07-25-2003 12:24 PM

Need an easy way to connect a Linux Client to a Window$ network
Hi all,
I am in the process of trying to get my Linux 8.2 pro client to log on to my Vendow$ network.

What is the easieast way to do this?
Can someone point to a guide or betteryet step by step instructions.
I also want to connect to Vendow$ shared printers how can theis be done?

Thanks alot to every one,


jpbarto 07-25-2003 12:32 PM

for connecting a printer you'll need samba installed and you'll need to configure lpd to recognize the printer.

daemon_14 07-25-2003 01:17 PM

From what i have found, if you are just using a Linux box to hook up to a network, and file sharing isn't a huge issue, you might want to consider looking at the LISa/ResLISa daemon service. This allows you to set up a place for your linux box to look (IP address-wise) for servers. When you set this up, then. using the Network Servers program in the GNoME interface, you can view all of the shared computers on the Windo$e network.
If you ARE setting up file sharing to occur on the linux box, you will need to edit the smb.conf file. This should be under /etc/samba/ (think, but not sure). It should be pretty step by step, but, if it isn't, here is a good link for editing the smb.conf file When you edit this, there should be a setting for network printers, or you might just be able to use the printer config utility and have the Linux box look over the network for the right IP address (if it is a true "network" printer). Also, another thing to look for with the file sharing being enabled on your Linux box, make sure that the IPTABLES (firewall) is disabled. This will allow you to make sure that nothing is in your way when the other computers try and connect to it. Once your box is shared, then you can either enable the firewall with your own rules, or write your own IPTABLES to overrule the default ones. Either way...just make sure that they ARE disabled when you start trying to map shares, because you will be able to ping the Linux system, but not be able to connect or maybe even see it. So...just be warned :D.

As long as i am here, while i appreciate the chance to answer your question, Samba seems to be a pretty popular question here at the LQ Networking forum. I myself have given answers similar to these types of questions on several occasions. Try a search in the forum before you write. :study: . Part of learning Linux is to sit down at your computer, and look around on Linux. Thats the fun and excitement of open source, you never know what is going to happen next. My advice, if you are wanting step by step instructions, either search the forum and try to bridge the gaps yourself, or maybe try a search engine (there are some REALLY good step by step sites out there), or maybe buy a few linux books that apply to your distro. You will have a lot more fun doing it, and you might learn something too :D.


Half_Elf 07-25-2003 02:11 PM


Linux 8.2 pro client
Call it RedHat 8.2 plz, Linux isn't ONLY RedHat.

Whatever... I'm not sure of what you try to do. If you want to access files shared on a Windoze computer, you might want to try samba. If you want to magae remotely a Windoze box, there's not a lot of progs, telnet will work, but I think that's all.

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