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aq_mishu 09-16-2005 03:03 AM

NAT and Port Forwarding
Here is the story... I have a static public ip from my isp X.X.X.X my gateway given by my isp is A.B.C.D I want to share my net connection using the private ip block for 4 to 5 pcs in my home. There, one of the PC is my mail server providing pop3, webmail, smtp and secure webmail (ports 25, 80, 110, 443). My linux box for NAT is running under RH9 and having iptables. Now, The eth0 is the WAN interface, ip: X.X.X.X, gw A.B.C.D eth1 is the LAN interface, ip, (no gw, since default gw is A.B.C.D) I need all the pcs from the LAN to have the net connection. By the same time, ports should be forwarded to the mail server ( for ppl from the WAN to access and check and send mail. I am now diong it somehow, but it's not working well. My LAN users can not send mail using the server located inside the LAN through WAN. Means when they use from lan, they get nothing. but if they try from the outside of the lan, they can get it. I can solve it using a dns in local lan. but is there any way to do it directly?? I previously used a device from D-Link that provided me the NAT and virtual server functions. Then i could do it. But I can not do like the previous. Now i just want to replace the device with a linux box. Can any one tell me what can i do?? i need a script just simple... and simple.... plz help me....

saneax 09-16-2005 04:31 AM

As I can understand you meean to say that the only problem is in accessing the mail server from the local LAN..
The Clients should access the mail server, with the local lan's IP(, then it would be OK I guess.

aq_mishu 09-16-2005 07:58 AM

Ya.. but what i want is to access it using the FQDN instead of the ip. Is there any way?? Except setting up a local dns mapped to the local ip.
Also I need a script just to understand and compare with mine... And this script will provide:-
1.) NAT for sharing the connection.
2.) Port forwarding (25, 110) to [x.x.x.x:25 --->Fwd to ---->
The script will provide only these two things. No other special things. The rest of the seciruty will be set up later.
Can any one??

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