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rock69 10-02-2006 04:54 AM


Here's my situation. I have a public ip address which is beging "natted" to my web server inside the LAN. There's another PC inside the LAN which is being employed to broacast radio on port 8090. Is it possible to port forward from that PC to mine so that I can make it publicly available on the Internet? If so, how can this be achieved and are there any GUI tools (for GNOME and Ubuntu, for instance) that can make the job a little easier?


jantman 10-02-2006 10:50 PM

What's your network topology? What is between you and the internet? A router? Hardware or Software? What manufacturer/model or what package is it running?

If you have a hardware router, there should be an option to forward an individual port.

basileus 10-03-2006 03:34 PM

Most router probably do port forwarding. This can of course be done with Linux also. I don't know if there are any dead simple tools for configuring port forwarding, but you could try "fwbuilder" and "guarddog". I have not tried port forwarding on either of them but especially "fwbuilder" is quite robust graphical tool for building complex iptables script.

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