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usernamenumber 09-29-2004 10:42 PM

Named slave update fails: "Server is not an authority for the domain"
The short version: I am having trouble getting my slave nameserver to believe that my primary ns is the authority for my domain. The slave recieves a notify from the master but then sends back a refusal saying (according to Ethereal's translation of the packet) "Server is not an authority for the domain". This is strange because if I remove the zonefile from the slave and restart named it requests a zone transfer from that same master server and rebuilds it without complaint. The SOA record in the zone file specifies a name that resoves (via a CNAME in another domain) to the master server's IP.

The longer version: "Why does the master's SOA specify a CNAME record?" you may ask? Well, this whole thing has been sort of an exercise in kludginess. It all started when I wanted to host a domain from my dynamic-ip home connection. It won't be a "real" domain for any real use, just something for me to play with and have control over as a project. In order for it to work, though, I had to get around the problem of the IP changing. I also didn't want to have people accessing the dns service directly on my home machine.The solution I came up with was this:

1) I use the dynamic dns service to ensure that always resolves to my home IP.

2) I set up the master zonefile on my home machine. All records in the zonefile are CNAMES pointing to This includes the SOA.

3) I ask a friend who has two static-IP nameservers already running to configure them as slaves of my domain. The "mastes" clause in the slave zone's definition is updated with the correct address by a cron job

4) I register my domain but specify the statc-ip slaves as the nameservers in charge of the domain

The way it _should_ work is that all the work of resolving names is done by the slave nameservers, which resolve all requests to my home ip via the CNAME. When I want to make a change to the domain I just update the zonefile on my home machine, which notifies the slaves, who pick up the revised zonefile.

Everything works great up until sending the notifies, at which point I get the above mentioned "Server is not an authority for the domain" message. I've set up master/slave servers with no issues before, but no doubt something in the mess described above is screwing things up. Any insight as to what the culprit is would be greatly appreciated.

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