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ajkain 04-06-2007 04:04 AM

My solution for ISA Server
*** My question:

My company uses M$ ISA server.
How to install linux client for ISA Server?
I have configured my linux to Internet (e.g. proxy in FF) but other programs (pop3, smtp, ftp, ...) doesn't work

*** My dirty solution:

Linux <--> Windoz with ISA client <--> Windoz with ISA server

On my Windoz with ISA client:

I install Cygwin Environment + OpenSSH server (http:/

I configure my ISA Client (WSPCFG.INI and CREDTOOL.EXE).

WSPCFG.INI in C:\cygwin\usr\sbin (SSHD.EXE folder):

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Firewall Client\CREDTOOL.EXE -w -n sshd -c myusername mydomainname mypassword
(myusername, mydomainname and mypassword must be ISA server credentials)

On my Linux:

ssh -fND1080 myusername:mypassword@mywindozisaclientname
(myusername and mypassword must be an account for Windoz with ISA client)

So I create a dynamic port forwarding (ssh behaves as a socks server).

I configure my mail client program (PROXY SOCKS = localhost , PORT = 1080)

Incredible, it works!!!

I hope this helps somebody, good luck! ;)

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