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kojie 10-06-2004 11:14 PM

Multiple internet connections
how can i use mutiple internet connections for my network

server-eth2 -------- network

DaneM 10-07-2004 05:34 AM

I'm not sure I understand your question. My guess is that you're trying to have a server that routes to different ppp connections depending on who's connecting to it...? Please clarify and I'll see if I can help you.


AUSanders79 12-08-2004 03:19 PM

This is true for me. I've got eth0 going to Cable modem and eth1 going to DSL conection. Eth2 goes to my local LAN. It can be done I know if ISP addy's are static. Has anyone done this with DHCP ISP assignments? The goal is to not just have two connections and use only one for failover, but to actually use both connections for inbound and outbound connections. Any ideas??

PS - I have tried searching the archives... :D

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