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toady 11-24-2000 06:02 AM

I am a new users to Linux, I have successfully installed Linux 6.0 and also installed my Samba file server. I have shared a directory/folder with all users and given access to my xyz.mbd file/database, however, when more than one users access's the database that person receives the message in MS Access "Too many active users" is this a common error for Linux or MS Access? My Samba server is referred to as my NT Domain in windows explorer. Any help will do thank you - Toady

jeremy 11-26-2000 10:03 PM

If you are talking about Red Hat 6.0 I believe there was a problem with the glibc2.1 supplied with RedHat 6.0. This glibc is pretending to have 64 bit file locks and really doesn't, thus causing Samba to not use it's own 64 -> 32 bit lock mangling which was designed to fix this precise issue. Upgrading glibc and samba is probably a good idea anyway - there are a few nasty bugs in the older glibc2.1 builds and samba gets better with every release.

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