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jhp 07-21-2004 02:59 AM

monitor quagga traffic?
hi everyone,

hope you can help.

still getting to grips with linux. have successfully setup fedora2 with quagga (zebra) to provide an ospf line to one of our other sites (to ensure that if one wireless link breaks the other takes over) and all works fine. in fact, it's great!

my boss would like to see the amount of traffic which is going over the wireless, preferably in a form which can be shown to non technical staff. initially i was going to look into using a second machine but then i thought 'wouldn't it be great if i can monitor the traffic on the routers?'

i'm sure there's a way of doing this, but as the routers are in place i don't really want to plunge headfirst into doing the wrong thing. unfortunately, we have a bit of a space problem at the work at the moment as the builders are in, so a test lab isn't really possible in a workable sense.

anyone have any ideas how i could achieve this?

this is a cut down diagram of the connection. each router has 3 nics, a lan nic and two wireless connected nics. the main wireless route is layer3 and has no ip addresses, so that's a straightforward link. the secondary route is in bridged mode and has it's own ip at each end.

router 1 (subnet a lan address) <no direct link> (subnet b lan address) router 2
router 1 a.a.a.a <---> a.a.a.b router 2
router 1 b.b.b.a <---> b.b.b.b <---> b.b.b.c <---> b.b.b.d router 2

any help would be great, so far i've been totally impressed with the web resources for linux but this is the first time i've felt the need to ask a question.


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