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pbjazzy007 09-10-2003 03:12 PM

module contamination?
This is my first post, although I'm not a newbie to the site.

I'm trying to install the Dlink DWL-520 Rev D1. I'm running Red Hat 9, kernel version 2.4.20-20.9, gcc version! I've tried the drivers from the Realtek site (which by the way don't have all of the files needed) and the SuSe distro (recommended in the readme file of the Realtek driver). I got the SuSe driver installed, however it says that there is module contamination. It says that the kernel it is looking for is 2.4.20-4 and that it may not work right (which it doesn't). Any help is greatly appreciated.

finegan 09-10-2003 07:39 PM

Kernel contamination just means that the software license of the module isn't GPL or another OSI license, you can ignore that, what about it doesn't work? You might want to check the Linksys WPC11 v4 thread, its the same chipset, same driver, same everything but end reseller.



pbjazzy007 09-11-2003 11:10 AM

Actually, I found something interesting.

I reinstalled last night because of a memory problem (system had bad memory). After the reinstall I ran make on the make file and found the following last two lines:

r8180_pci_init.c:72: storage size of 'rtl8180_pci_driver' isn't known
make: *** [r8180_pci_init.o] Error 1

finegan 09-12-2003 09:17 AM

Is this with the v.13 of the driver?

Also, have you checked the huge thread on this card?



pbjazzy007 09-12-2003 01:34 PM

Yes it is v.13. I checked the thread and it doesn't appear yet to have any info that will help. Every time I run the make command to create the file, the last line shows an error and the file is never created. You would think with the growing demand of linux (which is a much more stable system than windows cra P) that manufacturers would support it more!!!!

Frustration sets in................................................

sai49 09-29-2003 07:12 PM

hey did anyone get the D-link 520 rev. D1 working under linux?

<sigh> getting tired of building ever f* driver for my hardware... </sigh>

<sigh2> emerge d-link driver </sigh2>

finegan 09-29-2003 07:38 PM

According to this list:

The DWL-520 version 2 (not like they tell you its v2, not obviously anyway, like I dunno, putting it on the box would be a nice gesture) is a realtek 8180 chipset card. Here's a huge thread about the not-so-great 1/2 binary drivers from realtek:

Here's a link to their driver page:



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