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JRago 03-14-2003 04:05 PM

Modem Keeps Dialing
I have RedHat 8.0 installed as a server.

I have a modem attached to it and have setup IPTABLES to share the modem with the Win2K clients on the LAN who initiate a 'dial on demand' connection to access the internet through our ISP.

This all works great.

The only problem is that the modem keeps dialing on it's own all day long and all night long (when there is no one in the building).

I've looked in the /var/log/messages log and it seems that the modem re-dials every 20 minutes. (almost to the second)

There is definitely no one else requesting the connection because all the client machines are powered off at night.

I used the Network Device Control wizard to set the modem up and I do NOT have the "Restart if connection dies" option selected.

The inactive hangup time is set for 10 minutes and it does work.

I have been unable to determine what is initiating these calls and why.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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