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nass 04-15-2008 03:15 PM

mobile internet provider, proxy server and vpn networks
hello everyone,
i am having a hard time here graspning the notion of somethings, and in consequence configuring them accordingly...

here is my story:

i've recently found out my mobile service provider is offering 'free' connections to the internet from your mobile phone's internet browser...
fiddling around with it abit, i managed to make it work through the much nicer opera mini browser. SO, so far from my mobile device i can connect to any site i want.. no problem everything loads... of course things like youtube videos or flash/java enabled sites wont work.

now i had the brilliant idea to connect my windows/ubuntu laptop to the internet , being completely mobile...! indeed i managed to use the mobile phone as a modem, and to connect to the internet through that.
next came the MSP's directions: i should use a certain proxy to connect to the internet..! that would be the (which would be the Wind mobile services provider settings in Greece)... indeed adding that to the mozilla firefox made it work but at a price... not all webpages load properly (i get xml parser errors on firefox)... some forum or subforum pages, firefox misinterprets as if the user is trying to download a xxxx.php file, instead of opening the damn page.. whats more i can not open, for similar reasons the router configuration page from the internet side...
note that i also installed opera browser and (on windows) i tried IE7 too... IE7 was pathetically unable to visit most page, while firefox and opera did approximately moderately well at opening pages..
for firefox there is this 'force-content type' plug in but i know very little about using it..

now since on the mobile phone opera mini broswer i can visit ANY website no problem, i am determined to make it work from the mobile internet pc too:D

here is the trick i would like to play on my MSP in order to visit any website...
-well for one the MSP uses the proxy to deny or corrupt the xml data... is that possible?

-2nd i have a slackware server running at home , with vpn and potentially proxy (squid) daemons running. i can not setup the vpn connection ( i have tried running it on tcp&443 1194, and tcp&udp 443... no luck, it wont connect... it returns something about http/1.1 403 forbidden...

-3rd the ssh port 22 is closed on the MSP proxy too, but i manage to connect to the home server but setting its daemon to listen on https port 443... so i am happy about that... it could be a powerful tool since i can use it to ffwd ports... no?

so now, while i am trying to grasp the notion of tunneling in the hardest possible way, i want to use one or more of the above tools to open up a tunnel and practically connect to the internet through a 'healthy' internet connection... ie use the connection at my home to connect to the internet, etc

any ideas, bullet points, links, guidesthat can help me out are very welcome!
thank you in advance for your help!

lsteacke 04-17-2008 01:01 PM

After reading that I am quite confused, but maybe you can clarify somethings for me.

Your final goal is to connect to the internet on your phone, but instead of using the proxy provided by your ISP, you want to, if possible use the proxy which you would setup on your slackware box?

datopdog 04-17-2008 01:12 PM

Free connection services normally use a special "secret APN" that the browser on the phone is configured to use, when you use your phone as a modem you will be using a different APN meaning you will get charged for surfing.

nass 04-18-2008 12:18 AM

Datopdog. Indeed i use a special access point to connect for free. I have also found some hack that helped me to use that same access point for establishing a gprs modem connection. And i verified the balance since i have a say as you go connection. So in settled with that.

Isteacke ideally yes thats what i would like to do. But i guess there is no way to get access to the internet unless i use the MSPs proxy server. however i would like to set up a vpn connection to my home network over that proxy connection, and through that to direct web traffic through a 2nd proxy at my home. I need that so as to overcome some problems i have with xml parsing of some web pages.. It might be smth about improper mime types at the sites or with the fact that i connect through a wap access point and not a web one. At any rate the vpn can not connect...

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