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RKris 05-14-2003 11:55 PM

Mirroring servers using RSYNC

I am using Rsync to mirror servers. I want to know is rsync reliable? and is this the best way to mirror servers?

After every update , I get a mail on root. How can I stop this??


soob 05-15-2003 06:26 AM

rsync is used widely for mirroring servers... it's up to the task. If you want to be sure, why don't you do a few spot checks - change a file and see if it gets backed up.

Is it the best way? hmm, what are the requirements? If there are not a lot of changes, rsync is great. rsync is clever about sending only changes over the network - it won't send the whole file if only one part is changed. Efficient in network traffic, and supposedly at a small cost in CPU.

Sounds like you are running rsync from a cron job? Look at the rsync command in crontab (man 5 crontab) -- if you redirect the command output to /dev/null you won't get the email. Sometimes you need the email to troubleshoot though, so YMMV.

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