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good_boy 06-30-2004 07:19 AM

MIME issue on Apache / mandrake 10
I upgraded to mandrake 10 recently.

My linux box is used as a toy - webserver running apache 2.

The issue is about mime types.

A static dns link sens to my box : finn (dot) homeip (dot) net
An example of my problem is shown, when using mozilla (somehow ie has a way to smell content before displaying it) /tuto for example shows a forbidden page.

(argh, url limitation prevents me to post links. It would help me clearly explain...)

well, [url] /tuto ->

index.htm displays the code
boitier.htm stills dispays the code.

"sometimes" using w w w... it shows different things, the code or the page. But I bet this is because of the cache in Mozilla. I test using a windows, and a proxyed mozilla on the windows box to simulate a distant moilla user. But browsing users report trouble using firefox or mozilla, win32 or linux versions.

It also does that on some images, showing the ASCII content.

It may have something to do with the apache user : the files are 755 and belong to user1
But I have not been able to reproduce the problem, switching to apache user. Maybe this is due to a funny batch security job that would paint my files another colour, user or authorisation during the night ? (msec, uh ?)

That is the worst of it : not being able to diagnose where the probleme comes from.
Apache install is defaultest default. Stock.

I think there is something broken in the mime area.

Has anyone experienced the problem ? Or better, found a solution ?

I have tried a few things by myself, asked google, asked gentoo-guru friends, none led me to the light...

I am on the edge of switching back to 9.2, or at least to my old apache 2.??? server that ran fine for a year on the same box.


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